The wrong road ….

I was enjoying walking
along the sea shore
digging my bare feet
in the moist sand below

Hey! you are on the wrong road
came a voice from afar
just come over here
on this concrete footpath

But ! I said is so sweet
on this soft damp sandy beach
the hard heated cement
just burns my bare feet

Unmindful I stumbled
on a big pebble on the sand
fell forwards on my knees
with my outstretched hands

The soft wet sand protected
me from being hurt n bruised
had I fallen on the hard road
i would have bled n oozed

When we love the softness around
our hearts expand n mellow down
absorbing gentle vibes abound
Smilies take over many a frown

Virgin nature’s path is all I seek
it keeps me grounded to reality of life
this man made road makes me weak
its full of ego greed and pride
No matter how long you’ve been
walking on the wrong descend
it’s never too late to take a u turn
wake up and cross over at the bend

When we ignore the outside noise
our soul walks listening intently
to its powerful soft inner voice
on the right road of love n light !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Happy princess... a dream
Happy princess… a dream


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