On dark and cloudy nights
I miss counting the twinkling lights
for soaking up the stars
into my very being
and gazing at their beauty
is more than a joyful dream

This kaleidoscope in the sky
is what gives me great joy
past and present shines bright
as I look at the shimmering lights
counting the little sparkles
in the surrounding darkness

Hanging up so high
they fill the huge sky
from horizon to horizon
they keep beaming their light
like steadfast little lamps
showing the way to heaven

watching the world below
with their eyelids wide apart
they guide the moving waters
to reach safe shores
and the many wandering souls
to steer their way home

In them live our cherished lost souls
smiling n’ shining bright up so high
sending messages of love
as our hearts sigh and cry
telling us they are safe up there
and we have nothing to fear

Some of my best thinking
has been done looking at stars
It’s a meditation too, peaceful
watching their radiance from afar
I get lost in their glow n’ glitter
and know not what they are

Then I look within and listen
the same light shines in my being
the light from the eternal spark
that gives the sun the moon
and the stars in the dark
luster to reflect and glisten !


All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi



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