It’s the little things that matter the most !

As i walk barefoot on the sea shore
I realize why little things matter more
On gathering tiny tiny pebbles buried
in the sand why does happiness soar?

I hear the ocean whisper in love
to the myriad dancing waves above
A new endearing relationship starts
as they unite their pure beautiful hearts

I feel the gentle cool breeze ooze calm
erasing all negatives with a positive charm
nurturing the beauty of the soul within
Happiness and joy stealthily flows in

I see the Palm tress nod sing and prance
Whispering sweetly “take a chance ”
It’s the small things that matter they say
let go the heavy mind clutter and sway

I sense gritty sand cling to my feet
Says don’t shake me away I am here to greet
How ever tiny i may be in this vast space
There is a lot of strength hidden in my grace

Oh no !
I believe I nearly stepped on a slimy snail
Don’t hurry and scurry Is what I heard it say
It’s these small things that matter in life
Being slow and steady is the mantra to rise

I beam a hello to a stranger and make him smile
It’s these little things that matter all the while
engrossed in a book perched on a sand dune
Looking up he says “cheers “in a sweet tune !

I see the twilight turn into a beautiful starry night
darkness around make the stars shine bright
these small things have lessons hidden in them
It’s these small lessons which make us humane

Yes oh Yes !
it’s these simple little things that matter most
Spread love and forgive all with equipoise
See God in all his creations big and small
Listen and learn to be happy from them all

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi


It's the little things that matter the most
It’s the little things that matter the most


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