Your subtle anatomy


Your subtle anatomy .. Yes  !

It is the one which is not visible like our gross body but it exists as we call them as CHAKRAS  .

Chakras in Sanskrit called as wheel  . It is supposed that the energy travels in circles  through these chakras  .

Though  , there are many chakras  but these 7 chakras are the main which we would be speaking about  .

As shown in the picture  … there are 7 chakras  &each chakra is responsible for some function in the body  & feeds the  organs & part of the spine associated with that particular chakra  .

There are 3 chakras in ascending order from ROOT  .. to  … MANIPUR  …. HEART  being the centre  … next 3 are from VISUDHI  …to  AGYA  & the last one is  CROWN  chakra  .

Lower 3 are concerned with our material aspirations  whereas the upper 3 our spiritual aspirations  .

Heart being the centre feeds the whole body including subtle energy system with both prana  energy  as well as the spiritual energy  ….

so the aim is to understand self so that the balance can be maintained in both the worlds  …

Our spiritual as well as material world to lead a life of happiness  and  bliss  .

Love  & blessings to all from the eternal source we call as supreme  …Sunita Gupta


as they say that happiness is a grt illusion in our life .
it is very transitory  & the moments of happiness are really very lived , i mean to say that happiness stays with us for a very short while .
strange it is that most part of our life we waste in chasing happiness  where as happiness is the inherent nature of every soul &  happiness is fundamental right of every soul  which when transformed leads to joy & bliss .
have you ever witnessed an unhappy child  ? no matter how little a child has  ; a child is always happy & even after  few angry moments a child quickly returns back to it’s original nature .. that is a playful mode with happiness .
so , one thing is clear that our happiness doesn’t depends on accumulation of material comforts  , bank balance , big car or big bungalow  but on the contrary  ..
happiness is  the capacity of a human being to come back to it’s soul  as quicker as possible
as i said  , that we are so busy & in a race to chase happiness  that there is hardly any time to sit & feel about happiness .
one sure way of finding happiness is … just sit quietly for some time ,  have few deep breaths .
then ask your self a question … why i am not happy ?
then start counting on your blessings .. 1, 2, 3…. & on ….
then at least have the  feel  of a sense of gratitude  & you will feel happy then & there only . an ever lasting state of happiness you would be in from  here after  …
life will become a happy journey  counting on your blessings ….
thinking positively  brings all the sunshine back to you … this is what i learnt through the grace of REIKI  on me  …  soul searching .


I am this
I am that
No , I am a body
Ney , I am something
beyond this body
this confusion
this illusion
keeps baffling me
neither I am at peace with body consciousness
nor able to go the way my  soul yearns
if i go for soul consciousness
the fear of this world scares me
if i seek success in this world
my soul leaves me
grt were the people who went into caves
with a firm determination to find them self
sat in silence , opened up their gyana chakra
came back with a profound truth
yes , I am something beyond this body
had minimum needs
lived with bare minimum
but yet face was glowing
mind at ease with peace
all fears gone , scarcity dissolved
the duality was gone
when the light of truth dawned
they became light & light only
they descended as light
lived as light
ascended  back as light only
sankra  , swami Vivekananda ,  Buddha are the   grt lights who   dispelled the darkness of ignorance  .
meditating  in dark  activates the pineal gland . when sitting in silence even the sound of AC , tick tick of the clock also can be quite disturbing & distracting during initial stages of meditation / focusing / dhyana  …soul’s whispers

is there any tunnel to be crossed after death ?

today , i regret nothing in life and love self as i am …
& those who depended on me and who helped me during those  moments in my life
but i have nothing against any one as they were also part of the play in my life .
How the mind communicates it’s emotions during the stages in life we are ….
During late 20s or early 30s …. I used to dream …
Running on a road bare foot laden with broken stones . one side there was a big mountain with huge clear peaceful water body . I could see the sun set as magnificent as it could be .
I ask a question .. will I ever reach my destination ?
Whisper I hear …. Yes ! keep going where the sky & earth join together .
I will say …. U mean I will never reach there as earth & sky never meet .
It was a time of grt chaos but I never lost faith in HIM and in fact challenged HIM also .
Look God , every awakened soul spks of U . every religion talks about U ; every saint also sings about U . well , if you are there U will see to it that I succeed without compromising my values .
Then next stage ….
I will see my self in car driving on a metalled road like a black snake but it was a hilly terrain with all the curves & curvatures through lush green trees .

sun is shining bright , sky is clear , wind is blowing gently , my windows rolled down , some times ascending and some times descending …
But I am enjoying my self .
Then the next stage ……
I see myself in a tunnel . many people are stuck in the tunnel , few reach the half way but none could cross the tunnel  but  I reached the end of the tunnel .
Few yrs later again ….
I see  my self have crossed the tunnel , joined the crowd . every one is quiet and walking on a hilly terrain on a small foot path . again the sun is bright , sky is clear and we are enjoying the going . every one is silent but yet there is some connection .
Next stage ….
I see self  walking in the tunnel . most are there . few reach the 3 / 4th but I  get out of the tunnel  & See self walking on the floating cotton like clouds , sun is bright but not hot , sky is blue  &  infinite  & there after i am flying in the infinite sky  there is a grt joy  & bliss .
Again I see no destination where to reach but I am in a state of grt joy enjoying every bit of it .
What I understood is that life is infinite and so is the creation .
There is no tunnel which we have to cross after death to reach the heavens .
The tunnel is the mind , fears , insecurities , illusions .
Moment , we cross the barriers of mind life becomes a bliss .
Then , I thought that there must be some one like me thinking on the same lines some where in the globe .
So I browsed , & found some one who is sitting miles away thinking & feeling the same as me .
My understanding is that we are connected , inter connected soul to soul  irespective of the borders & boundaries .
Life is a journey with self clearing the cobwebs and making a place where the journey can be smooth & even if not smooth , accept it as a blessing and life is a continuous learning process …..
Plz share your views , even if different from my perspective , I would love that as it will give me new insights into life …
The link is here for your kind viewership ….. …/light-at-the-end-of-the-tu- nnel.h…
Light at the End of the Tunnel – Healing and Transformation
As Proverbs reminds us – “There is light at the end of the tunnel.” Yet the tunnel fills us with a darkness so deep, we are left breathless, hopeless and lost in our suffering. It’s a black hole of hopelessness. …
Dr. Sunita
isham reiki