I am this
I am that
No , I am a body
Ney , I am something
beyond this body
this confusion
this illusion
keeps baffling me
neither I am at peace with body consciousness
nor able to go the way my  soul yearns
if i go for soul consciousness
the fear of this world scares me
if i seek success in this world
my soul leaves me
grt were the people who went into caves
with a firm determination to find them self
sat in silence , opened up their gyana chakra
came back with a profound truth
yes , I am something beyond this body
had minimum needs
lived with bare minimum
but yet face was glowing
mind at ease with peace
all fears gone , scarcity dissolved
the duality was gone
when the light of truth dawned
they became light & light only
they descended as light
lived as light
ascended  back as light only
sankra  , swami Vivekananda ,  Buddha are the   grt lights who   dispelled the darkness of ignorance  .
meditating  in dark  activates the pineal gland . when sitting in silence even the sound of AC , tick tick of the clock also can be quite disturbing & distracting during initial stages of meditation / focusing / dhyana  …soul’s whispers

2 thoughts on “duality”

  1. Absence of knowledge of bliss to mind & heart is the root
    cause of duality created by ego. Knowledge based on experience
    of bliss of LOVE of truth alone eliminates the duality of the
    mind. Role of GURU is crucial to fall in LOVE of truth. Without
    blessings of GURU it is difficult to become fearless. Bliss of
    love of truth destroys the fear in mind & heart . Modern education
    facilitates in mastering skills of telling lies in our day to day life.
    Hence the need is to adopt 18 days therapy only once in life time
    to make a head start ………………..With divine love

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