as they say that happiness is a grt illusion in our life .
it is very transitory & the moments of happiness are really very lived , i mean to say that happiness stays with us for a very short while .
strange it is that most part of our life we waste in chasing happiness where as happiness is the inherent nature of every soul & happiness is fundamental right of every soul which when transformed leads to joy & bliss .
have you ever witnessed an unhappy child ? no matter how little a child has ; a child is always happy & even after few angry moments a child quickly returns back to it’s original nature .. that is a playful mode with happiness .
so , one thing is clear that our happiness doesn’t depends on accumulation of material comforts , bank balance , big car or big bungalow but on the contrary ..
happiness is the capacity of a human being to come back to it’s soul as quicker as possible
as i said , that we are so busy & in a race to chase happiness that there is hardly any time to sit & feel about happiness .
one sure way of finding happiness is … just sit quietly for some time , have few deep breaths .
then ask your self a question … why i am not happy ?
then start counting on your blessings .. 1, 2, 3…. & on ….
then at least have the feel of a sense of gratitude & you will feel happy then & there only . an ever lasting state of happiness you would be in from here after …
life will become a happy journey counting on your blessings ….
thinking positively brings all the sunshine back to you … this is what i learnt through the grace of REIKI on me … soul searching .

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