as they say that happiness is a grt illusion in our life .
it is very transitory  & the moments of happiness are really very lived , i mean to say that happiness stays with us for a very short while .
strange it is that most part of our life we waste in chasing happiness  where as happiness is the inherent nature of every soul &  happiness is fundamental right of every soul  which when transformed leads to joy & bliss .
have you ever witnessed an unhappy child  ? no matter how little a child has  ; a child is always happy & even after  few angry moments a child quickly returns back to it’s original nature .. that is a playful mode with happiness .
so , one thing is clear that our happiness doesn’t depends on accumulation of material comforts  , bank balance , big car or big bungalow  but on the contrary  ..
happiness is  the capacity of a human being to come back to it’s soul  as quicker as possible
as i said  , that we are so busy & in a race to chase happiness  that there is hardly any time to sit & feel about happiness .
one sure way of finding happiness is … just sit quietly for some time ,  have few deep breaths .
then ask your self a question … why i am not happy ?
then start counting on your blessings .. 1, 2, 3…. & on ….
then at least have the  feel  of a sense of gratitude  & you will feel happy then & there only . an ever lasting state of happiness you would be in from  here after  …
life will become a happy journey  counting on your blessings ….
thinking positively  brings all the sunshine back to you … this is what i learnt through the grace of REIKI  on me  …  soul searching .

friends are the wingless angels in your life

Yes , divine / god or supreme 
certainly plays a grt role in our survival 
provided we learn to look into his plans and get over ...
 I syndrome or me  & me ...

My understanding I share ….

When you reach there
The ultimate destination
After leaving this body
You’re received with grt love
You have never perhaps experienced
In earthy relations …

After initial introductory over
You’re shown your computer screen
You see all & give a sheepish smile
God doesn’t say or do anything
Like you give choice to your children
HE too let you choose

Soul decides , yes my dear lord  !
I want to be released
Plz make adequate arrangements
For my journey ahead
God gives you place in his abode
Till the arrangements are made

You take an avatar
Born to a set of parents
You have brothers & sisters
A spouse & children
Few other aquaitances too

prabhu  ! Knows all
That out of love for all your relationships
You would be hurt & bruised
With your expectations not met
You will sink in sorrows & be  depressed

You may have fits of anger
At your helplessness
Being lost in the maze of life
Who will show you the path
& remind you of your purpose

Well , you may say that world is very cruel
But isn’t it that you asked for
Here comes  role of divine

You didn’t know
But lord  knew that the day will come
When you will sit all alone & sulk
Feeling rejected & dejected
Totally disappointed with teary eyes

There he sent ANGELS in your life
To wipe your tears
To laugh when you laugh
To put a soothing hand
On your shoulders with no words
Only silence
& silently putting a soothing balm
On your wounds

waiting to be healed
Listening to you in silence
Understanding you Without judgement

These angels selflessly
Pray for you
Think about you, feel for you
You may not have seen them
Spoken to them
But soul to soul
They whisper
And you hear their whispers
When you needed most

These angels are your wingless friends
Sent on the earth by the supreme
Help you to complete your mission
Recognise them , love them genuinely
Honestly from the heart
For they understand only the language of heart
In turn they seek nothing
But Selfless love without expectations
They give you in abundance

Try to be with them at the same frequency of energy level
So that you don’t loose them
& in turn you too don’t get lost
in this big bazar called world

Yes , you have every reason
To be in gratitude to lord
For all your travel plans has been executed with grt precision
By the grt master

Every person will cross your path
The time you needed to learn
Or the time you needed to be uplifted
I am really amazed & just smile
and bow down my head in awe

No words are sufficient to thank
You my lord for all your love & blessings
The care you blessed me with


the mosquito man & the mosquito girl



adaptability for better survival
knowledge . wisdom & insights
o’ man !
so much you blabber

i started witnessing this specie
from my childhood days
from smoking , fumigation & DDT
it has survived till today

not only survived
but has learnt the tricks of the trade
how to hide , how to fool & how to fight back
with all the man made intelligent tools

it is still giving a challenge
o’ you ! but , it’s ME too
can you control & kill my race
without any transformation with in you

i follow the rules of divine
you only blabber but follow none
the insight in me teaches me to survive
not only me but my whole clan
but the mind in you
kills you all

it was after my lunch , i take a nap for around 15–20 minutes . moment , i slipped into bit of deep restful sleep .. one & only one mosquito came out from GOD know where … & here i am with my instant insights .

morning there was a discourse on TV .. wear full sleeves clothes so as to save your self against mosquito bites .

this is grt tragedy with human beings that they follow the beaten track ; learn nothing from the present .

mosquitoes these days live for almost whole year , they have developed a very strong snoot which can pierce multilayered clothes , they intelligently hide them self in the creases of the curtains and when you chase them , they really sense and elude you also .

mosquitoes with one attack causing you DENGUE & chickguniya can beat the hell out of you & for a moment you forget all the gyana gathered over the years of hard work .

so O’ man ! plz accept the truth that not only YOU & YOU alone growing in this planet EARTH but others are also not far behind you …… enjoy & save yourself from this tiny stingy creature .

reiki energy

The key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body -to feel it- at all times. This will rapidly deepen and transform your life. The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes, and so increase the flow of electricity. At this higher energy level, negativity cannot affect you anymore, and you tend to attract the new circumstances that reflect your higher frequency —Eckhart Tolle

for a reiki healer these words by Tolle hold so true . a reiki healer must be connected to his / her higher self with conscious efforts so that where ever he goes , he / she must be a source of positive healing energy just oozing out a healer’s aura …& the healing comes instantly where ever you lay your hands intuitively  by the grace of divine  the master healer ….

Dr. Sunita