the mosquito man & the mosquito girl


adaptability for better survival
knowledge . wisdom & insights
o’ man !
so much you blabber

i started witnessing this specie
from my childhood days
from smoking , fumigation & DDT
it has survived till today

not only survived
but has learnt the tricks of the trade
how to hide , how to fool & how to fight back
with all the man made intelligent tools

it is still giving a challenge
o’ you ! but , it’s ME too
can you control & kill my race
without any transformation with in you

i follow the rules of divine
you only blabber but follow none
the insight in me teaches me to survive
not only me but my whole clan
but the mind in you
kills you all

it was after my lunch , i take a nap for around 15–20 minutes . moment , i slipped into bit of deep restful sleep .. one & only one mosquito came out from GOD know where … & here i am with my instant insights .

morning there was a discourse on TV .. wear full sleeves clothes so as to save your self against mosquito bites .

this is grt tragedy with human beings that they follow the beaten track ; learn nothing from the present .

mosquitoes these days live for almost whole year , they have developed a very strong snoot which can pierce multilayered clothes , they intelligently hide them self in the creases of the curtains and when you chase them , they really sense and elude you also .

mosquitoes with one attack causing you DENGUE & chickguniya can beat the hell out of you & for a moment you forget all the gyana gathered over the years of hard work .

so O’ man ! plz accept the truth that not only YOU & YOU alone growing in this planet EARTH but others are also not far behind you …… enjoy & save yourself from this tiny stingy creature .

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