Your subtle anatomy

Your subtle anatomy .. Yes  !

It is the one which is not visible like our gross body but it exists as we call them as CHAKRAS  .

Chakras in Sanskrit called as wheel  . It is supposed that the energy travels in circles  through these chakras  .

Though  , there are many chakras  but these 7 chakras are the main which we would be speaking about  .

As shown in the picture  … there are 7 chakras  &each chakra is responsible for some function in the body  & feeds the  organs & part of the spine associated with that particular chakra  .

There are 3 chakras in ascending order from ROOT  .. to  … MANIPUR  …. HEART  being the centre  … next 3 are from VISUDHI  …to  AGYA  & the last one is  CROWN  chakra  .

Lower 3 are concerned with our material aspirations  whereas the upper 3 our spiritual aspirations  .

Heart being the centre feeds the whole body including subtle energy system with both prana  energy  as well as the spiritual energy  ….

so the aim is to understand self so that the balance can be maintained in both the worlds  …

Our spiritual as well as material world to lead a life of happiness  and  bliss  .

Love  & blessings to all from the eternal source we call as supreme  …Sunita Gupta

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