is there any tunnel to be crossed after death ?

today , i regret nothing in life and love self as i am …
& those who depended on me and who helped me during those  moments in my life
but i have nothing against any one as they were also part of the play in my life .
How the mind communicates it’s emotions during the stages in life we are ….
During late 20s or early 30s …. I used to dream …
Running on a road bare foot laden with broken stones . one side there was a big mountain with huge clear peaceful water body . I could see the sun set as magnificent as it could be .
I ask a question .. will I ever reach my destination ?
Whisper I hear …. Yes ! keep going where the sky & earth join together .
I will say …. U mean I will never reach there as earth & sky never meet .
It was a time of grt chaos but I never lost faith in HIM and in fact challenged HIM also .
Look God , every awakened soul spks of U . every religion talks about U ; every saint also sings about U . well , if you are there U will see to it that I succeed without compromising my values .
Then next stage ….
I will see my self in car driving on a metalled road like a black snake but it was a hilly terrain with all the curves & curvatures through lush green trees .

sun is shining bright , sky is clear , wind is blowing gently , my windows rolled down , some times ascending and some times descending …
But I am enjoying my self .
Then the next stage ……
I see myself in a tunnel . many people are stuck in the tunnel , few reach the half way but none could cross the tunnel  but  I reached the end of the tunnel .
Few yrs later again ….
I see  my self have crossed the tunnel , joined the crowd . every one is quiet and walking on a hilly terrain on a small foot path . again the sun is bright , sky is clear and we are enjoying the going . every one is silent but yet there is some connection .
Next stage ….
I see self  walking in the tunnel . most are there . few reach the 3 / 4th but I  get out of the tunnel  & See self walking on the floating cotton like clouds , sun is bright but not hot , sky is blue  &  infinite  & there after i am flying in the infinite sky  there is a grt joy  & bliss .
Again I see no destination where to reach but I am in a state of grt joy enjoying every bit of it .
What I understood is that life is infinite and so is the creation .
There is no tunnel which we have to cross after death to reach the heavens .
The tunnel is the mind , fears , insecurities , illusions .
Moment , we cross the barriers of mind life becomes a bliss .
Then , I thought that there must be some one like me thinking on the same lines some where in the globe .
So I browsed , & found some one who is sitting miles away thinking & feeling the same as me .
My understanding is that we are connected , inter connected soul to soul  irespective of the borders & boundaries .
Life is a journey with self clearing the cobwebs and making a place where the journey can be smooth & even if not smooth , accept it as a blessing and life is a continuous learning process …..
Plz share your views , even if different from my perspective , I would love that as it will give me new insights into life …
The link is here for your kind viewership ….. …/light-at-the-end-of-the-tu- nnel.h…
Light at the End of the Tunnel – Healing and Transformation
As Proverbs reminds us – “There is light at the end of the tunnel.” Yet the tunnel fills us with a darkness so deep, we are left breathless, hopeless and lost in our suffering. It’s a black hole of hopelessness. …
Dr. Sunita
isham reiki


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  1. “Look God , every awakened soul speaks of You. Every religion talks about You ; every saint also sings about You. well , if you are there You will see to it that I succeed without compromising my values .”

    Another gem of beauty…

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