The travails of Old Age

The old persons living in the company of pre-teen children live a very long and healthy life, both physically and mentally . Most of the physical and mental ailments of the old age result from the sense of being isolated, discarded and neglected. This problem is assuming alarming proportions in today’s disintegrated families. This sense does not crop up in the company of innocent and less knowledgable children, who themselves find the best companions in old persons for their prattle. Baby talk is the best tonic in old age. This mutually satisfying and beneficial company fills the empty slots in the life of children also, particularly where both the parents are working and are not in a position to give enough time to their children.
The old persons, particularly retired pensioners, who have no financial worries fare the worst in old age, more so if they don’t have anything to keep themselves occupied. Their urge to prattle becomes all time high and they find no takers for their so-called valuable words of experience and wisdom, which are spurned by the next generation as rumblings of an insane or mentally deranged person. They try to pour out all their knowledge of lifetime on the head of the first victim who becomes handy and that is why most of the old idlers and prattlers are avoided and bypassed resulting in extreme physical and mental pain to them.

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