Natural Recycling

Life is Motion and it is sustained by Divine and Natral principles. Everything in Nature is in AUTO PILOT MODE. Nobody except human beings have the limited power to intervene and rewrite the Natural Laws and Principles. Human beings can be called the God appointed Administrators of this universe to maintain the balance of various components of this universe on the condition that they don’t meddle with fundamentals of balance among five basic elements: solid matter, water, gases, energy (sun/heat/fire ), sky enveloped in the all pervading phenomenon called God. The power and authority of God is partially transferable to human beings.
One fundamental that forms the basis of Life/Vegetation in the universe is the Principle of Recycling that in simple terms means Life sustains Life. Most life forms, including human beings, can be completely sustained by vegetation alone but there are others that are sustained by other forms of life, in addition to vegetation. There is no provision for hoarding in Nature except storing surplus produce till the next cycle of the product becomes available .
Some human beings are very vulnerable and always feel insecure and hoard foodstuff either for personal use in future or for selling the same at premium in times of extreme shortages. The rich and affluent eat more than they actually need and waste a lot of food thus causing shortages for the whole mankind. This creates a vicious cycle of grabbing more agricultural land from the forests for agricultural use and thus endangering wildlife and creating food shortage among Animals. No wonder , the ultimate victims of the greed of human beings are helpless creatures and a large number of them have already become extinct and many more, particularly man’s friendly scavengers: kites, vultures, sparrows ,crows lizards are on the verge of extinction. How ugly and unhealthy life would be without these friendly scavengers man perhaps does not know.

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