Scripture Panchnad


I express my deep sense of gratitude and regards to Prof. Deepti Dhamija Gupta , Department of English, Punjab University, Chandigarh who has sent to me a scripture PANCHNAD penned down by her illustrious father Prof. C L Dhamija, formerly Head, Department of English, DAV College, Chandigarh who happens to be a fully evolved and Spiritually Awakened Saint. I have found the scripture to be ultimate in providing insights into spirituality and the reality of inner world. The scripture very briefly brings out all the complex aspects of Spirituality & Spiritual Awakening in lucid, easy to understand convincing way. It establishes unambiguously the AVATAR of Almighty God in the physical form of Shri Guru Nanak. The scripture is a must read and possess for every seeker treading on the path of Spirituality & Spiritual Awakening and it is wonderful sacred treasure for every Sikh.

I bow down in great humility to the unassuming fully evolved and Spiritually Awakened Saint and Intellectual Giant, Hon’ble Chaman Lal Dhamija. I seek his blessings to allow me to follow his footsteps on the road leading to Spiritual Awakening.


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