Stock market tip: be a smart investor

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STOCK MARKET TIP – Be a smart investor

There is a big cash crunch with individuals and institutions. Cash levels have dipped very low because of over enthusiastic investment in bullish market. The market is over-heated and most stock prices are at or near their 52 week high. The bearish trend is already overdue and very much round the corner.

Suggestion for smart investors:
Offload your high value over priced stocks gradually in the coming couple of months. The earlier you start the better it is. However, before taking a final action use your discretion , intuitive faculty and market based judgement. Try to keep 50% of your stock assets in liquid/cash form to avail of the opportunities in the impending bearish market.
Individual/ personal queries regarding stock market trends are welcome in comments section or through private messages.

( This message is meant for those having plenty of surplus money , hunch for more easy money and taste for speculative trading ).
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Stock market is a battle field for the rich and super rich only. The average investors are an easy game and fodder for the bears and bulls in the market. It is a game of cunningness, strong financial muscles, manipulations and Government approved and supported legal plunder.
Simple minded innocent honest persons with hard-earned money should stay away from the Stock Market. Be a smart investor.

At this time the market is overheated and over valued. Wait for the suitable opportunity .
Don’t follow the advice of Business TV channels. Most of them are personal, biased and spreading nets to trap the gullible novices.

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