The internal vision is the function of Third Eye

The internal vision is the function of Third Eye
The internal vision is the function of Third Eye

The internal vision is the function of Third Eye

Human beings are gifted with two different visions: External and Internal. External vision is practical , mechanical and very much limited. Two main limiting factors are space and time , we can’t look back and forth in time and we can’t see beyond a particular distance and simultaneously in all the directions at the same time. Third factor is the condition,health and efficiency of the eyes. The first two factors are common and identical in all irrespective of any other condition but the third factor is variable in all the individuals. Hence no two persons have similarity of vision with respect to any physical object. It is the same thing as there are no two persons, including identical twins, with identical mass, form , shape or appearance. Up to the level of physical vision all human beings are at as much advantage as animals, or even worse of because certain birds and animals are said to be having much better and more efficient eye mechanism. So we don’t have much to boast about so far as our external vision is concerned.
Besides , external vision is highly deceptive. It is affected by the psychology of the viewer and the amount of light available. The viewer usually fails to see “what is”but only sees “what he wants to see”. The amont of light falling on the object gives it different shades ,shapes and forms, thus presenting different realities of the same object under different conditions and circumstance This deception of the eyes is perhaps the main reason that some of our religious pundits have termed the external world as MAYA or illusion. The oft repeated illustration of man’s inability to distinguish between a curled cord or snake in dim light is not the only case in point. Numerous other illustrations can be added to it. In fact the function of the External Vision to meet the physical needs of the body. In addition to all this the interpretive part of the brain that creates images of the viewed objects in the mind some times plays havoc with the external and physical realities of the world. With the help of external vision human beings can in no way rise above the functional level of Animal Kingdom.
It is the Internal Vision that distinguishes man from other animals. But unfortunately most people fail to see the presence and significance of this vision and usually end up living their lives at animal level only.
As opposed to the External Vision, the Internal Vision knows no limitation of space, direction, time,abstractions or for that purpose any other impediments or obstructions. It is this vision that raises hopmo sapiens above the level of animals and then to the still higher levels of Divinity and Infinity.
The internal vision is the function of Third Eye.

internal vision

Third Eye
Primarily human beings are like other animals with most common features and characteristics . However, human beings are endowed with some special features which not only distinguish and differentiate them from other animals but also place them at a much higher pedestal with a part of God’s creative potential. One such distinguishing feature is the provision and availability of Third Eye. This is also referred to as Shiv Netra or GIAN Chakhshu . This is in addition to the Intuitive Faculty granted to human beings.
Third Eye has the capability to explore the entire abstract phenomenon which is beyond the reach of five sense organs and intuitive perceptions. Earlier only a few saints and sages were aware of this feature but now this awareness is fast spreading among the masses, thus opening the domain of Spirituality for more and more individuals . The future belongs to the highly evolved Spiritualists with very high quality of life and enhanced level of awareness.

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