The Hollowness of Universal and Unconditional Love

unconditional love

The Hollowness of Universal and Unconditional Love

Sermonizers often talk about universal and  unconditional love as a solution to all the problems of the world. The sermons sound plausible and convincing and the seekers and listeners are carried away by the magical power of unconditional and universal love. Everybody comes under the spell of the Seasoned Sermonizer and for a moment the whole world problems appear to have been solved. Once they leave the Congregation everything is back to square ONE. Easier said than done In practical worldly life it is not possible to love everybody and everything. It is not always easy to convert negativity of others into positivity.If that were possible, there would be no problem in the world. It is rightly said : पय पानम भूजंगानाम केवलम विष वर्धनम . The Sermonizers are expert hypnotizers and temporary mind changers. Today most of them are expert mercenaries and professionals working for themselves only and not for others or the world. They base their theories on strict lab conditions which are impossible in real life. We can only strike a balance on the basis of conditions prevailing around us and make this world a tolerably and reasonably living place. Nothing more than that can be done. If we can really love a few around us, it is more than enough, just forget about universal and unconditional love, which is nothing more than a Day Dreamer’s fancy or a Drawing Room Philosopher’s whims, or at best Sir Thomas More’s Utopia.

Theoretically the world can be made perfect, flawless and trouble free under lab conditions but there are numerous ifs and buts, which can never reconcile. Hence, AN IMPOSSIBILITY.

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