A new set of bodily ailments and mental disorders

Mental disorder

A new set of bodily ailments and mental disorders

A new set of bodily ailments and mental disorders is coming up that is directly related to the excessive use of computers and smartphones. The preventive measures and remedy to these ailments lies in minimum to moderate use of these devices, suitable physical exercises and spiritual meditation ( with complete detachment from men and matters) at least for fifteen minutes in the morning before getting up from the bed and fifteen minutes after lying down on bed before you fall asleep.

Avoid one and the same fixed posture while working at your computers and smartphones. Keep changing positions and postures every now and then. Take mild exercises of neck rotation in all possible directions without giving any jerks to the neck. Keep your back and spine in straight vertical position for as much time as comfortably you can, Monitor your body on regular basis and observe any unusual symptoms and problems, and if they persist consult the doctors/specialists for specific guidance and treatment. Most bodily ailments are psychosomatic or resulting from wrong physical postures/positions.

Suitable physical exercises and being with yourself in meditation is answer to most physical ailments. Don’t disturb others and don’t be disturbed by others. Cleansing your mind through meditation of undesirable clutter and trash will give you equanimity and peace of mind. And prevent mental disorders.

Mental disorder – Wikipedia

A mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioral or mental pattern that may cause suffering or a poor ability to function in lifeĀ …

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