Self enquiry “Who am I?”

Self enquiry

Self enquiry “Who am I?”

Self enquiry “Who am I?” is the first step on the road leading to Spiritual Evolution. At the same time it is the greatest stumbling block as well. Most people fail to to get satisfactory answer to this question. Many spiritual teachers and GURUS come forward to help you and explain to you “What you are” but answer to this question serves no purpose as verbal knowledge. It has to come to you as an EXPERIENTIAL REALITY or ANUBHUTI in MEDITATION. You have to experience the truth and reality of the non-physical inner world that is the basis and foundation of the outer physical world. All spiritual enthusiasts have always been haunted by this moot question at one time or the other, followed by certain other self enquiry related questions:

Where have I come from?
What is the purpose of my coming to this world?
How am I different from others?
What is the real nature of my relationship with the outer physical world, vegetation and animal kingdom?
What is death? Is it the end of everything?
How do metaphysical and physical blend in human beings and other creatures?
What is ephemeral and what is everlasting?
Is there any beginning and end of this vast universe?

And thousands of other such questions which have often been asked by spiritual enthusiasts without getting universally acceptable answer. So the enquiry goes on.

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