Waking up


I was sleeping comfortably on my two tier berth in the first class compartment of my train taking me through the planet earth. Every now and then I was having dreams which were by and large, happy comfortable and soothing. The journey was smooth without any glitches or hiccups Since the journey seemed to be long, therefore, the sleep remained sound and uninterrupted for a long time except for drowsy and dreamy states happening at irregular intervals.
Many years ago, I don’t exactly remember HOW MANY, I was roused by a sudden jerk and an overwhelming realization that I had slept and travelled long and that I might not have missed my destination in my sleep. Thank God the destination had not yet been missed or reached. Though there was not an exact idea of the distance and the time to be taken but it seemed that it was not far and it won’t take much time. The train was to take me to the intervening last destination on the earth from where the journey was to be resumed in a spaceship for the ULTIMATE DESTINATION somewhere in the space. I started looking for my belongings that were to be shifted from the train to the spaceship. No solids were permitted in the spaceship because they evaporate in extreme heat in the space leaving nothing behind. So much so that I would have to leave my physical body behind to be permitted SPACESHIP boarding in subtle body only. The thought was highly disturbing, leaving everything behind I had owned and used all through my journey and I had become addicted and used to it.
Looking back at the starting point of my journey through this world the ULTIMATE REALITY dawned upon me. I had started my journey in my subtle body only and the physical body , so essential for journey through this world, was provided to me by two GENEROUS DONORS , who pooled their resources together to construct a physical costume for my subtle body, kept in the womb of one of the DONORS for a period of nine earth months ( the fraction of second of the cosmic time) . All through my journey I was generously provided wherewithal by my co-travelers . How mean of me I started staking possessive claim and ownership to the physical objects provided to me for temporary use for my survival during my journey through this world.
Ever since this realization I am busy gathering the items permissible in the spaceship, memories, blessings, gratitude, noble actions, truthfulness, and above all Spiritual Awakening.
I thank God for waking me up in time to plan the next leg of my journey.

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