When evil is in the heart

APRADHI DOONA NIVAI JO HANTA MIRGAHE. The criminal bends DOUBLE like the hunter out to kill a deer. His humility is deceptive. While preaching virtues, Sweatness and Humility Guru Nanak does not ignore the reality on ground also. He first gives the example of the Simmal tree. Though the tree is majestic, tall, big size and beautiful flowers, yet the birds which are attracted go back disappointed because it’s leaves. flowers or fruit are not eatable. He says Sweatness and Humility are real virtues. SIMMAL RUKH SARYARA AT DEERAGH, AT MUTCH. OIYE JI AAVAI AAS KAR, JANE NIRASAY KIT. PHALL PHIKKAY, PHALL BAKBAKAY KAMM NA AAVAI PATT. MITHAT NEEVEEN NANAKA GUN CHANGIAEEAN TUTT. Nanak says that it is to himself only that one bends; not to others. The pan of the scales which goes down (bends) is heavier !!! SABH KO NIVAI AAP KO, PUR KO NIVAI NA KOAY. DHARR TARA ZOO TOLEEAI, NIVAI SO GAURA HOAY. Then the realism ; APRADHI DOONA NIVAI JO HANTA MIRGAHE. SEES NIVAYE KYA THEEAI, JA RIDHAI KASUDHAI JAEN. What is the relevance of bending the head when there is evil in the heart !!!!

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