Good karma and ancestors

Good karma do help in the emancipation of even the departed ancestors ; PITRI. ————————————JIS SIMRAT SABH KILVIKH NAASAY, PITRI HOAY UDHAARO. SO HAR HAR TUM SAD HI JAAPO, JISKA UNT NA PAARO. POOTA MAATA KI ASSEES. A mother’s blessing to the son. May you remember always HIM who has no ends or limits , by cherishing whom the sins are destroyed and the Pitri too is emancipated. ————————— Giving alms, feeding and clothing the poor, helping the needy and the suffering are good ideas. One does not require any go-between (Dalaal ; the priest) for doing that. His aim will be to promote his interests only and will thus cleverly misguide you. The benefits will accrue to your Pitri provided you are sharing your honest earnings. Sharing the earnings of unfair and corrupt means will have an adverse effect only. Nanak warns : ———————— If a thief (MOHAKA) steals from a house and with that gives Pitri he is making his ancestors thieves in the world ahead. The go-between (Dalaal) also makes himself liable to divine punishment. JE MOHAKA GHAR MUHAI, GHAR MUHI PITRI DE. AGGAY BASAT SINJANEEAI, PITRI CHOR KARAY. VADHAAAI HATTH DALAAL KE , MUSFI IH KARAY. The source of the things shall be known and the Pitri too shall get branded. The divine justice demands the hands of the Dalaal be chopped off. —————————————- Sharing something from the honest earnings by own labour will get credit for the departed ancestors also. NANAK AGGAY SO MILAI, JO KHATTAI GHALLAI DE. —————————————————————- SHARING WAGES OF SIN, CORRUPTION, WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONGED TO OTHERS ; WITH HUMANS OR GIVING OFFERINGS TO DEITIES OR PLACES OF WORSHIP DOES NOT GET ONE ANY CREDIT. GIVING, SHARING EVEN A LITTLE OUT OF WHAT IS EARNED BY HONEST AND HARD LABOUR IS REALLY MEANINGFUL !!!!

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  1. Loved your thoughts on receiving good Karma. If people were a lot more mindful of what others are going through and share with them, give them a lending hand, and just be respectful to them, the world would be a far better to live for all.
    I do believe in karma and we can only reap in Life what we sow!
    Take care, Jeff.

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