What is physical body?


The body has nine openings into the physical world. There is the TENTH GATE opening to the spiritual realm. It is a fact known to the enlightened souls. Through this gate awareness gets connected to the spiritual world, the REAL world, of which the physical world is just a temporary extension, a facility to the awareness to experience and evolve. What is physical body ?
PAUN PANI AGNI KA MAYL ; CHANCHAL CHAPAL BUDH KA KHAYL. It is play of the Supreme playful intelligence. What is death then ? DEHI MAATI, BOLLAI PAUN. BUJH RE GYANI, MUYA HAI KAUN. One who is watching the play does not die. MOOYEE SURRAT, BAAD, AHAMKAAR. UHH NA MOOYA JO DEKHANHAAR. HAU NA MOOYA, MERI MOOYEE BALLA-AIN. UHH NA MOOYA JO RAHYA SAMAA-AY. The Troubles die, not the ONE, the real SELF who is imbued in the physical. We have to understand and recognize the real ONE, the REAL SELF, in the physical contraption. When the Guru shows the REAL, the Braham, then no body shall be seen to be COMING or Going. KAHU NANAK GURAY BRAHAM DIKHAYA. MARTA JAATA NADAR NA AAYA. All doubts shall finally vanish for ever when with the grace of the Guru the TENTH GATE opens and the reality is as obvious as day light. Do not hesitate to accept that the key to the Tenth Gate is with the Guru only. It cannot be opened by own efforts, intelligence or wisdom. Nothing without acceptance and surrender..

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