We are, rightly and wrongly, proud of our tolerance. Rightly because we follow the divine expectation that the children of God comprise one family only and thus should look upon each other with this reality always in the mind. Should be the main reason why God keeps looking after us despite so many failings of ours. It is not for nothing that the term ‘ RAM BHAROSEY ‘ remains in vogue.

We do have a good measure of tolerance and acceptability towards diversity of many kinds. We have hearts large enough to forgive even the enemies and many wrong doers. We tolerate hardships as will of God. Let us be genuinely proud of it.
BUT, alas, the habit and practice of being tolerant has gone too far.

With the result that the tolerance has become a cage aw well a mask. The cage has made us inactive and the mask has become a convenience, a compulsion or just a habit. It has landed us into negative territories and has become a psychic affliction. We tolerated subjugation and accompanying cruelties and indignities for centuries. Presently, there are many areas where our habit of tolerance is doing great damage to the nation as such by stymieing the development and progress.There is a need to shed some tolerance.
We have over the decades become so tolerant to CORRUPTION AND RED TAPE that it is now our biggest bane which has made us look like helpless patients suffering from some incurable chronic disease. It is continuously nibbling at the efforts that are made to take the country forward. Nothing moves without a bribe being pocketed by some one. Instead of fighting we meekly acquiesce. The Govt are blamed for not doing any thing about it !! We all know where are the roots of corruption ; in our TOLERANCE !! Let us show some intolerance by what ever way we can. It is not a one man job, agreed. Requires collective and organized will and effort. We can strengthen any collective or individual effort trying to reverse the trend. Let us identify the corrupt and stop supporting them to become rulers and continue with the loot with added vigour after each election.

FALSEHOOD AND HYPOCRISY accost us as a routine.

These do not lead to any reaction, revulsion, or opposition. Who is interested in the truth ? It is an inconvenient baggage !! When are we going to become conscious that it makes u. s unethical, saps our moral strength and will to fight ills . Those who are supposed to teach, guide and lead keep feeding us on falsehood and hypocrisy. Let us show some revulsion and stop tolerating or accepting it. We should be guided by virtues like ethics, morality, honesty and sincerity. Raising the moral standards of coming generations should get due attention.
Our tolerance to FILTH, outside our home, is rather exemplary. Living in good houses and beholding stacks of filth, as the very first welcoming scene after taking the first step outside the house, in many places, causes no ripples in the mind or conscience speaks volumes about our tolerance. Looking outside the moving cars, buses or trains is nothing less but a punishment. Who is bothered about the impression of the country the outside visitors will carry with them. We can even tolerate poor cows rummaging through the filth heaps and in the effort to find some nourishment devouring filth, plastics and many other harmful objects which shall later give them excruciating pains and suffering before death comes to the. rescue How can the minds then be healthy in such filthy and dirty environments.

Our Prime Minister has very consciously accorded highest attention to this National problem. Let us show some intolerance to filth and join the PM to change the face and reputation of the country. Keeping the surroundings and public places neat and clean is not any herculean task. Little change in attitudes can work wonders.
This, in general, tolerant attitude makes us tolerant to our own weaknesses and failings also. It will be good idea to take the first step with the self only. Let us subdue or overcome our infirmities one by one. In the bargain we shall get better prepared to become intolerant to the common afflictions. The listing is only indicative and viewer can identify suitable additions to the list.

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