Blessings are beyond count

GHANHAR BOOND, BASOH ROMAWAL, KUSUM BASANT GANANT NA AAWAI. ---- RAVI SASS KIRAN, UDDAK SAGAR KO, GANG TARANG UNTT KO PAAWAI. ---- RUDDAR DHYAN, GYAN SATGUR KE, KABI JAN BHALAY TUMHAY JO GAAWAI. --- BHALLAY AMAR DAS GUN TERE, TERI UPPMA TOHAY BAN AAWAI.--------------- From SGGS ; from a captivating verse by a poet in the service of gurus, praising gunas of third guru, Guru Amar Das (Bhalla). Simple explanation is : 
Rain drops from the clouds(ghanhar), vegetation (romawal ... hair) on Earth(basoh), the number of flowers (kusum) in spring (basant) are 
beyond count. -------- rays from the Sun and the Moon, the amount of 
water(uddak) in the ocean, the waves and the ripples in the Ganga ; 
can any one know the extent. --------- Deep concentration (dhyan) of 
Shiva (Ruddar), the wisdom and knowledge of the Satguru ; only the 
blessed poets (kabi jan) can sing. -------- O, Bhallay Amar Das, 
likewise,your gunas (are beyond count), your merits and greatness 
(uppma) becomes you only. --------------- DO RELISH PLEASE !! May have to read the lines more than once, trying to catch the rhyme also.

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