? Thoughts ? …. Thinking

? ?Mmmmm…. is the most essential task. It depends on ‘what/how one is thinking’.

Positive thinking is always good brings in good thoughts

Nnno! Negativ?e ?, stop  ✋. 

 “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny”  

Mahatma Gandhi

Thinking something beyond a certain point, is over thinking!
… People see thinking as being an end in itself – we think…. that’s what ‘we humans do’.
It truly is unavoidable. .
– To think is to exist –
“I think. Therefore, I am.” . Descartes


? Now, here’s the catch….

… these thoughts often trigger emotions(???????), and the mind gets stuck in short loops, making circles around problems.

* Ever wondered why people say that ignorance is bliss??
…. Because if you can’t think, there is no problems attached, and no worry – it’s the thinking that hurts…..

There is always something mindful of or that the mind is or sometimes not……

* What is mindfulness?
The entire experience is filtered through the lens of thought, which is a type of experience, a pale reflection of the experience gained through various senses.
mindfulness really is… just mind being aware of mind — watching where mind goes in the present moment.
… . Every thought comes and goes of itself.

… Is mindfulness necessary?
well, It’s just like typing this message… Not being mindful of a single key press, as typing, is been done without looking, seeing at the keyboard, not at all mindful but only ever mindful of typing when need to type on a new keyboard and re-learn the spacing of the keys.
?Being mindful means paying attention and concentrating on the here and now.
? It’s not about doing. It’s about being.
Were YOU aware while reading this, (how many inhalations or exhalations) ?
…. You were breathing, probably not being mindful of your breathing.
* May not have been mindful of the key typing, but mindful of the sentence… Means most definitely  here and now in the moment ‘happening’ .
* Is that not mindfulness?
…. the confusion here is in the misunderstanding between thinking about something, and being mindful or aware of something. It is definitely thinking about something without being mindful.
…. Contemplate….
? thinking about what was being typed, the message to send
? but wasn’t being mindful of what was typed.
? Mindfulness stays in the present moment, where as thinking drifts between past and future.
? While (I am) typing,  (I am) thinking about the next word, not being mindful of the current word.
 Mindfulness is a state where ‘you are’ present in ‘your’ current activity. It’s having control of your mind and preventing it from wandering around without direction. It’s keeping your focus on the moment at hand.
“Mindlessness” is being busy with yourself with some free time; instead of choosing to engage in some social and/or mental activity, or meditate in a mindful way, .
So what is mindfulness anyway? It’s not the specific things that happen during meditation practice.. It’s better if the concept of “you” does not figure strongly in this process. It is something that happens during the ‘gap’, the transfer from one focus of attention to another: a momentary open state….
???? The truth is…. understanding it…
…. Nothing at all. .?


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