WaRaTaTa… word and sounds


Words, sounds and meanings

(Image: Arjuna and his conchshell in the MaHaBaRaTa)

Then, Lord Krsna blew His conchshell, called Pancajanya; Arjuna blew his, the Devadatta; and Bhima, the voracious eater and performer of Herculean tasks, blew his terrific conchshell called Paundram.  – BG 1, 15

Words and sounds have lost their meanings.

So many sounds.
So many words.
Find the sounds behind the words
and you will find their meanings…


WA is the sound of your throath – remember the barking dog
RA is the sound of Light – remember the pharao’s
TA is the sound of divine – remember the Greek
LA is the sound of praise – remember the soung of your soul
A is the sound of understanding

LA is the sound of praise 
Remember the soung of your soul

WaRaTaTa … WaRaTaLa … WaRaTaAh

A divine mantra for understanding the awe of Word  – OH

Oh warata ta – Ah warata ta – Mmmm warata ta – AUM warata ta

Awe of Heart?

Ta Ra U E
Union with Divine Light...

4 thoughts on “WaRaTaTa… word and sounds”

  1. the pitch also matters …lower the pitch greater the activation of the pineal gland …..

    • Very interesting statement. Thank you!

      Some times they say it is different for women.
      The higher the pitch…

      However, only few can go very low or very high…
      even after years of practice… pitch is a given too

      Namaste dear friend

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