My wonderful Friend

Good Morning, it’s a wonderful, sunny day in Camps Bay. I want to share a story, I heard yesterday, which touched me deeply. My wonderful Property Specialist Attorney, Michelle, told me her story. We hadn’t been in touch for a long time, I asked her for a favor, which she immideately helped me with,as all my best friends do…we don’t speak for ages, but it seems, like just yesterday, even if it has been years, since we spoke. Her story is heroic. Tragedy struck her family, leaving her brothers 3 children orphans, instead of 4 children, she has now 7, undaunted, with incredible grace, she has taken on this task, beside her professional committments…I salute her, beside her huge task, my problems seem minute, it has given me an enormous boost, to see how well she overcomes everthing, fate throws at her…

Camp Bay
Camp Bay


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  1. Dear Dost
    A soul stirring share..I admire your friend and her open loving heart and soul full of so much love and wish all her children all the best in life .Pray God gives such wisdom to more mortals to spread love care and share

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