breeding expectations

The greatest cause of unease , discomfort and pain in the life of an individual is the breeding of expectations . Knowingly or unknowingly we keep on raising the mound of expectations within us. The fulfilment of these expectations invariably depends on outside forces beyond our control. The failure of expectations disturbs us and spoils our relationship with the outer world.

People live two lives simultaneously Inner and Outer. We are the masters of the Inner World and everything works very well in the imaginary world of our fancies because there is no opposition from anybody or any outside force/source. The castles built in the Inner World appear to be very sound and impenetrable but as soon as we try to give a physical shape to our air-borne castles in the outside world they collapse and crumble like a pack of cards. Most of these castles are based on expectations from the outer world, which we wrongly take for granted, and which rarely come forth. Hence , in order to be comfortable one can decide to live in the Inner World of his own creation or be ready to face the failures of the outside physical world , which are inevitable.

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