Divine Soul

There is only one soul that runs through the entire universe. Every individual human being and object is revealed by the energy and light of this Divine Soul. Atma is not different from Parmatma. There is no duality in this universe. There is only ONENESS and Unity.
Though this Divine Soul has no name nor does it conform to any sectarian religion, in today’s context this Divine Soul can be called NANAK SHAKTI because the latest revelation and manifestation of this Divine Soul was through Guru Nanak and the other nine Sikh Gurus.

ATMA is not different from PARMATMA
Nor is it a part of the WHOLE
Both are one and the same element
Each nonexistent alone.

Remember, if you can’t do without God
God can’t do without you
He needs you as much as
You need HIM.

The relationship between man and God
is a pact of mutual interest
If man keeps God alive in himself
God won’t allow any harm to man.

All religions admit
That God was alone in the beginning
If He wanted to hurt or harm man
Why should HE have crated him at all?

God is not responsible for the hurts and harms
That come to man
In fact he invites trouble for himself
In experimenting the deviation from the assigned path.

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