? Guruvae namo namaha

Guruvae Namo Namo _()_
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 ... A farmer clung too strongly to his family, was incapable following his Master on the spiritual path. Due to His attachment, his consciousness continued to sink lower and lower until finally he lived as a tiny worm in a cowdung on his own farm.

 * But his Guru had not forgotten him. The Guru never gives up. . The connection of the spiritual Master to the disciple is eternal.
 The Master came to the little worm in the form of a bee. He then lifted the little worm up and laid it gently in a Lotus blossom. The farmer had once wished to meet God and masters always fulfil the wishes of disciples.
 what happened next?
 Intoxicated by the strong and sweet smell of the Lotus the little worm blissfully fell asleep, and in the evening the blossom closed over it. The next day during BrahmaMuhūrta (sunrise) an angel descended from heaven to fetch a Lotus blossom as a gift for God and picked the Lotus in which the little worm was sleeping. As soon as the angel stood before God’s throne and handed God the Lotus the blossom opened, and the little being found itself directly in God’s hands. In the merciful gaze of God all its Karmas dissolved, because just as darkness yields to the light of the sun, before God no Karmas can continue to exist. The master helped this soul reach its goal and unite with God.
 It is LAYA SAMĀDHI; still largely unconscious, similar to a dreamless, deep sleep. In reality it is not sleep – rather a happy spiritual experiences, deep inner joy, harmony, peace and bliss. It is experienced in Prānāyāma, Yoga Nidrā.
 Sahaja/Bhava Samādhi generally is associated with intense feelings of Bhakti (love, devotion to God). It can be experienced by bhaktas during Satsangs, Kirtans/Bhajans, praying, receiving Darshan/blessing of a Realised soul, they suddenly enter into a state of inexpressible bliss. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t last for long. It is a light trance state...
 These inspires, motivates one to enter into consciousness with full awareness and remain in that state for longer period of time.
 Savikalpa samadhi is "with movement" of the mind. Emotions, thoughts,desires exist;(conscious/unconscious Karmic seeds) .
 In Nirvikalpa Samādhi (Nirvichāra) thoughts whatsoever do not exist; not one “seed” of a desire or Karma remains.
 *Have You seen children build sandcastle, then destroy it and begin to build again? So, it is in our imagination, that we create an entire world that we identify with and also experience. Then in the next moment...come up with something else, we destroy it.

* and so it continues non-stop.
 Sankalpa and Vikalpa (a wish or resolution made \ dismissed)

 *To watch a child playing in the sand is entertaining and amusing, but for a short while.
 So, one-day ?!? Beings? awaken from the dream state of mortal existence to experience Divine Reality and Truth in perfect clarity.
 ... IT is to reach that state, ultimate; is the goal; perhaps!

?one; luuuuv eternal! ….?

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  1. The Ancient Greek aphorism
    “know thyself” or “gnothi seauton”

    one of the Delphic maxims
    inscribed in the forecourt
    of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi (Greece)

    according to the Greek writer Pausanias

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