Damodar astak..


Live Recording in temple 

In the month of Kartik devotees seek mercy from krsna by singing Damodar astak and offering lamp every day..You cannot do it on your own..

“O Damodara! O Lord of divine beauty and unlimited mercy! O all pervading Visnu! I offer my obeisances unto You. May You be pleased with me. I am drowning in an ocean of sorrow and feeling almost dead. Shower Your nectar laden glances upon me, thereby uplifting me and enthusing me with life. Please accept me, O Lord, and become visible before my eyes.”

Narad Bhakti Sutra:

“Sometimes he laughs, sometimes he weeps, sometimes he cries out very loudly, sometimes he sings, and sometimes he dances and forgets himself.” These are the signs of becoming intoxicated in devotional service. This stage, called the atmarama stage, is possible when the Lord bestows His mercy upon a devotee for his advanced devotional activity”..

“One can attain bhakti either by the association of the Lord’s pure devotees or directly by the Lord’s mercy because the Lord and His pure devotees are non different”..

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