? ‘sat-chit aananda swaruupam’ ?

By …..
‘yato vaacho nivartante apraapya manasaa saH’ –

‘I am  there is no jnaanis/ ajnaanis’

? Jiva’s ! WE ARE ; ?

Who then is a jiva?
 ♦The all pervading consciousness gets 'as though' reflected in the 'pool' of the mind - called chidaabhaasa and this reflected image gains the sentiency or 'life' by the very presence of the all pervading consciousness.
 ♦Identification of the same all pervading consciousness with the local reflection is the ahankaara/ ego. Hence ahankaara being a reflection like image in the mirror - has the properties of the original as existence-consciousness and the properties of the reflecting medium, the purity or impurity of the mind - the shining or dullness of the mirror is also seen in the reflected image.
 ♦The one Who realizes that 'I am the original' ;it is the ahankaara that realizes - Since it itself involves a mixture of the two I. e.
 ?sat-chit-ananda of aham which is changeless, eternal
 ? impurities of the idam/ the BMI(body, mind, intellect)  pool which continuously change.
 ?Without BMI there is no ahankaara.
 ?Without ahankaara - what is there is only pure aatma, needs no realization.
 Realization is through ahankaara ? - by using viveka...
 ♦it involves analysis of one's own nature ;'who am I', inquiry, involving reflected light of consciousness
 ♦aditya; (the properties of idam * BMI) and by discrimination that I am not this(neti neti) changing thing.
 ♦The ahankaara has to realize its true nature is the changeless, aatma
 ♦while anaatma is changing prakRiti which is maayaa(mityaa) for interaction with the maayaa(plurality) .
 ?Ahankaara - the ego has to realize this, using Viveka .Thus realization involves ahankaara analyzing the ahankaara - that is self-analysis to discover its real part and unreal part and real part is the true part of itself and unreal part is the part that is mithyaa. .
 ?Who realizes? -
 ?ahankaara needs realization.
 ?Why? – as there is identification with anaatma( samsaara). There is again the reflection of the aatma in the anaatma (BMI). Without BMI there is no reflection. It is thus A combination of aatma and anaatma involved in the jiiva formation.

* Actor, playing the role. Complete knowledge is ‘I’ am the actor and not the ‘role’.
* The true nature is pure sat chit ananda swaruupam- which is neither doer nor enjoyer.
* Contemplate
it is the projection of the total mind. -Iswara brings both jnaani/ ajnaanis together for the teaching to take place.
-When the ajnaani has the maturity of the mind and is longing for a teacher for evolution; the Lord himself facilitates the meeting of the two.
….The mind becomes still only when one accepts the fact, consciousness is the true self, and rejects ‘I’ as self mentally. .
* This is possible only through constant mental effort through reflection (formless witness).
What then… How?
* It izzzz to……. ‘not to think’ .
The fuel of the ego is thought, so to experience ego-lessness, work on meditation practices, release thought.
The simplest way to release thought is through concentration practices. As concentration is high enough, thoughts become quite subtle and seem to bubble away on their own… Leading to a state of being Aware of Awareness itself. If you work to cultivate awareness of awareness as often as possible, some profound transformation will occur for you.
It is to notice any time experience occurring between thoughts. In this space between thoughts, there is ‘no ego’… ego dies, is reborn constantly.
The ego is a survival mechanism seeking safety and security, and relentlessly defends itself.
* What the ego is most afraid of is its own death. It seeks immortality and causes it to put up extremely strong fears and other defenses to protect itself, when one go after it wanting to ‘kill it’ .

* The ego is a very complex collection of thoughts, beliefs, reactions, conclusions, definitions, and judgments. Because it is so complex it is best to approach each aspect of its resistance individually and apply surrender and release it.
*To eradicate the ego best approach is with a compassionate attitude of wanting to heal and awaken to a greater realization of peace and truth, And through surrendering it grows weaker and weaker over time.
*Be without breath??

Practice right ✅✅✅breathing.
Well, there is intimate Relationship of breath with physical health, mental and emotional health
Mysterious powers are associated with the breath…
pranayama…Prana is the vital force that creates various currents of energy in the body that control many of the unconscious functions that allow the maintenance of the physical body. It regulates the circulation of blood, digests food, affects moods, levels of stress…
By guidance and right breathing, one can slow down the incessant chatter of the mind with its ceaseless array of thoughts. Over a period of time, one becomes aware of many details, memories of certain events that have happened, the physical sensations of the body and a deeper connection with self.
… mysterious events happen.. .
The dissolution of negative and limiting thoughts and feelings that are held in the subconscious begins to surface; patterns/emotional scars of past traumas are released. As the toxic emotions are expelled from the system, the perception begins to transform.
One begins to become aware of one’s total presence…triggered into being fully alert, alive, aware of the body, feelings and senses, levels of emotion and feelings that no longer are locked in or repressed, and now, thereby demanding a release.
And the release happens! …Yes, Naturally and deeply, on the physical and cellular level.
Deep relaxation and peace is experienced. The calm and serenity can be felt . .
Go ?n, Practice Being e-go-less?


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