What is the purpose of man’s life in the universe?

One of the questions that has always haunted me right from childhood is: what is the purpose of man’s life in the universe?

Broadly speaking my genuine answer to. this question is that life on earth has absolutely no purpose and that man is just a puppet in the hands of fate, chance and circumstances. He was never given the choice for being born. Thus life having been forced upon man without his will or consent , the poor fellow has been left with no alternative but to fend for himself, give his own meaning to life and live accordingly till ultimately he is taken away by some unknown force, which some people call God. Some religious leaders try to dictate terms to man as agents of God and force him to surrender his free will and follow the directives. Most fall in line and prefer not to use mind or intelligence in deciding the ways of life. There are some who always feel restless and do not feel satisfied with what others tell them and are constantly busy seeking full satisfaction for their curiosity . My story too has been some thing like that. I have tried to seek my own answers to various eternal questions which defy any universally acceptable answers and one such question that I intend to deal with here is: what is the purpose of man’s life on earth

Notwithstanding the fact that in the ultimate analysis there is absolutely no meaning and purpose of life, the inquisitive man continues to find meaning and purpose of life and there is no dearth of advocates who claim to know everything on the subject, it is different matter that there is no consensus among them. The end result is confusion for the common man either to make a choice from the available stuff or to make his own effort to look beyond what others can show him. I hereby place on record the outcome of my efforts. In all humility I admit that there is nothing original or final in it, and all this has percolated to me from the existing thought bank and collective consciousness, the major share coming from the highly scientific, humane ,secular and universal Vedantic philosophy. I carefully avoid using any parochial adjective or qualifier like Indian or Hindu with Vedantic Philosophy because that gives it narrow regional and sectarian shade and false credit whereas there is no such thing. This philosophy has sprouted and grown on .this planet with
collective efforts of mankind..

The purpose of man’s life on earth can be broadly divided into four parts or stages: Survival, Improvement in the Quality of Life, Self Realization and in the final stage Merger with Divinity or Infinity. While gradually passing through these four stages ,man begins to see everything from hitherto unknown perspective and brighter shades and before parting with his mortal frame attains
Immortality. Certain schools prescribe renunciation of the physical world as a pre-condition for going through the process of Self Realization and Merger with Divinity or Infinity but I have tried to take the untrodden path of BHOG (the genuine gratification of the senses and sense organs) and to my surprise and good luck have not found any hurdles or contradictions in way to my destination, though I don’t claim that I have attained what others attained through renunciation. In fact, for me there is no way to compare my destination with the destination of others. What I can simply say with my own authority is that I cannot see anything beyond where I am standing now and I would not mind walking more if I see another horizon.

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