What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is the realization of true identity of an individual as soul or spirit as distinct from the body. It is attained by only a few and the total number of Spiritually Awakened persons in the world is infinitesimal . However, there are a sizable number of persons who get glimpses of Spiritual Awakening every now and then but are unable to retain that state for a longer period. There is yet another category who exhibit the characteristics of fully Spiritually Awakened Persons without being themselves aware of any special quality in them . They get Spiritual Awakening as a gift from God/Nature. Some persons are born Spiritually Awakened such as Guru Nanak Dev in the recent times. Some inherit it from the Guru such as the remaining nine Sikh Gurus. Such persons are the Incarnation of the Almighty. Some attain Spiritual Awakening through renunciation ,meditation , asceticism and life of deprivation such as Mahatma Buddha and Lord Mahavira, and a large number of ancient and present day Rishies and Munies. There are others who attain Spiritual Awakening by Guru’s grace such as Swami Dayananda and Swami Vivekanand . Some follow Gian Marg and academic pursuits, such as J Krishnamurthy and Rajnish.
Fully Spiritually Awakened persons are very close to Divinity. They don’t profess any Sectarian Religion and they are far above the narrow walls and limitations of caste, color ,gender, race, nationality and geographic boundaries.
The process of Spiritual Awakening is a part of the evolution of the human beings.
There is a power point in the inner world of every individual . This power point is the nucleus of light and energy. Connecting to this power point of the inner world is the first indication of Spiritual Awakening and the rest follows automatically . The Spiritually Awakened person sheds naturally his worldly relationships, possessions, all kinds of bondages and attachments like slough and new being emerges. Gradually, his narrow attachments to a few friends/relatives and personal possessions transcend into love and concern for the entire mankind and animal world. He becomes an inexhaustible source of hope, light and energy for the entire world, more so for the persons in his vicinity .

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