The first lesson to learn

The first lesson to learn
Swami Vivekanada Statue – Bombay, India

The first lesson to learn

“This is the first lesson to learn:
be determined not to curse anything outside,
not to lay the blame upon anyone outside,
but stand up,
lay the blame on yourself.
You will find that is always true.
Get hold of yourself.”

~ Swami Vivekananda ~

The great Chicago Speech by Vivekanda in September 1893 with his memorable speech:  “Yes, we can and will do”. For the west, the first public encounter with the Eastern way of life and thinking.

His speech remains a milestone in the dialogue between men of different cultures in the search for peace and harmony.

However, to blame a crippled man with karma from a previous life is a terrible thought, which has always been refuted by Western tradition. No blame for others, no blame for self. Many are paying karma for others…

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