The conscious deep sleep

Deep sleep

The conscious deep sleep
Awake and asleep

Conscious deep sleep

A state of consiousness
A deep sleep
awake and alert

Beyond relaxation
Beyond guided visualisation
Beyond music, sensorial hearing

It is beyond reverie, the half way world
(between waking and dreaming)
Beyond lucid dreaming
(Being aware of the dream in the dream)

Deep sleep is dreamless

Not invented
Not a brand
Not a trademark

No determinations, nor affirmations
No gain in the practice
Not done for … (fill in the blank)

A profound state of consciousness

Awakened, walking the beach
Dreaming, looking at the waves
Swimming into the deep

Where there is only stillness

The beauty of being
deeply silent and quiet
enjoying the still

Awakening to the true Self
The highest level of eternal consciousness
The center of eternal consciousness

Beyond deep sleep


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