* Spiritual FREEDOM

The vulnerability of the mind is its capacity to extend reality, or “objectness”– on the physical reality, undoubtedly, solution becomes a problem when the sense of reality runs amok.
The mind is in a vulnerable position. It projects its hopes and fears as real and external, in the form of non-physical entities, yet projected as objectively real.
The absolute freedom in spiritualism is, above all, liberation from the body-mind and the compulsions of organic existence. The dilemma is realization of being potentially free, off a physical universe. The tyranny of the body-mind is experienced as the incessant flow of thoughts. The inner world, is not still. Only The subject is interior to all experience and to all behavior as well. It is witness and a chooser. To identify with the experience is to identify with the response, and to be free from one is to be free from the other. ‘ I am free ‘ to contemplate my thoughts, feelings, body’s pain…so to say, experience and its associated behavior are the same.
To assign a value and meaning to events, is a product of natural selection. Our minds are dualistic because, otherwise there is no evolution.
The human mind is open, working within its own limits.
Freedom, is freedom from “reality”. The desire for inner, spiritual, freedom is rather human experience, an inner view. Firstly, a line of defense by affirming a self that is apart in its quest to survive. Going deeper, it is not only freedom from the dictates of the world, but also the mind. Spiritual freedom is freedom from identity itself…the subject is no object. And the subject, to be free, cannot be identified with any object– neither the body nor the mind nor any of its contents.
But, My body is actually a physical object in the world….an object with which this consciousness(brain) is connected?
The body– is visual and somatic experience– stands as object to consciousness which is subject. Therefore this body is not who “I” am,
Similarly, “my” thoughts and emotions cannot be “I”, the subject.
Though they are not objects in the world, they are objects of consciousness.
The self is taken to be the subjective realm in contrast to the world of external objects.

*The “I” does not exist as any sort of thing, in the world nor in the subjective realm as an object of experience.
* It is merely a point of view.
Spiritual liberation is freedom from the ego-from identification with the body-mind and its needs.

* Do I believe this reality, surrender to the unknown, receive what is happening, and be curious?
The basic longing of the subjectively conscious mind is transcendence…the longing for peace It is to be free even from the desire for peace, ultimately even from the desire for the freedom of desirelessness.
* Simply are free–
Spiritual freedom is not freedom from pain/suffering, does not guarantee happiness, but is freedom’ SELF ‘ that craves happiness and abhors suffering.
It is having to do anything(nothing) about, then even death can have no sting.

…To Be Spiritual?

“its so hard to meet a spiritual person”,“ He, a great guy, but he is just not that spiritual.”

….. just pure spirituality……???????

Spirituality is an alleged immaterial reality; path enabling persons to discover the soul(essence of  being). Connection to true and divine nature, surrendering completely to the present moment and just being…is spirituality.

Test your *spirituality* quotient….

am living my soul’s purpose, true heart’s aligned with ‘who I am’.

believe in a higher power connecting and uniting all nature and living beings.

engage in spiritual practices to strengthen connection to soul, Divine Source, and nature.

feel inter- connected to all living things, beings and that we are one.

forgive, accept, move on and allow things to flow…no resentment.

am a mysterious creation beyond mental comprehension and respect that divinity

every moment is a gift and blessing and am grateful for it.

death is normal, a part of living, that happens…nothing to fear, resist or be anxious about it.

* True to most of these, YES it is Probably an awareness of spiritual nature.

Being Connected To Spirituality…..

…A spiritual perspective brings more compassion and empathy for every living being….surrender to the higher force and allow things to flow, because of the trust, that everything is always unfolding for highest good.

Spiritual practices, meditation, prayer, yoga and contemplation develop inner life and connects to the knowledge/wisdom. It is experienced as a source of inspiration, an orientation in life.

Spiritually inclined appears as ?

Embodiment of a calm presence most of the time,

ever connected to an immaterial reality,

beyond physical realm,

true in heart, is honest and authentic, lives life’s purpose and

feels very passionate and joyful for the most part in all aspects of life, knows all things will pass, that nature is to die, be born…

…thus appreciating the ‘Self’, ‘every moment as a sacred gift from the divine source’.

Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity by controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy – by one, or more, or all of these – and be free.”

Swami Vivekananda

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