reiki as i understand

yes , reiki as i understand . i learnt first  stages of reiki something like 15 yrs back  but it never came to me till over the period of time life has taught me few lessons  & till i learnt to get over my past , unloaded the emotional baggage which have lost their significance in my present  .
reiki ensured that i come closer to my self , understand my self beyond the earthy body & earthy relationships . it also taught me to learn about the significance of such relationships  & perhaps without them i would not have been where i am today .
moment , this matured understanding dawned in to me that i am more than the body , a beautiful soul , the new doors opened up & i  got initiated   as a reiki master .
but a question remains that as we all know that REIKI is the energy of the universe & this energy belongs to the supreme …. so , can anyone be a master .?
what i feel that moment you are initiated  as a  master , a new journey in to the unknown begins & with every passing day you start learning about the new secrets of the universe , it’s healing energies full of unconditional love & there is no course or laid down map for this or towards the universe .that’ s why perhaps many say that trust your intuition .
reiki is a journey towards cleansing , removing the blocks , accepting self as it is , learning to accept & respect  life with all it’s  joys & sorrows  and keep moving gracefully keeping in mind all the 5 main principals of reiki  .
in the end one must remember with grt humility that there is only one master the maker himself . we all are seekers , learners & tying to tune our self with his will & wish & more we become light , better channel  for reiki we will become , more & more reiki energy will flow from our hands &  with a healing aura  we would be blessed .
may we be blessed with love & light .. Dr. Sunita
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