NATARAJA, The Dancing Lord!

. . . .’Om namah SHIVAYA’ . .

fb_img_1474612506943…..? Chidambaram is one of the most ancient temple in India located in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu.
Lord Shiva in his manifestation of formlessness is worshipped in Chidambaram.
…..Chidambara Rahasyam …….’Chit’ means consciousness and ‘Ambaram’ means ‘Sky’ derived from ‘Aakaasam’ or ‘Aaakayam’ i.e…. ‘Sky of Consciousness’.
…….The RHASYAM…SECRET….There is a curtain is found within the sanctum sanctorum, the drawing of which reveals an empty space with streams of golden bilva leaves hung to indicate the presence of the Lord. The Lord is said to continuously dance in a state of eternal bliss “Aananda thaandava”, with his consort Sakthi or energy called Sivagami. The exterior part of the curtain which is black indicates the ignorance of man while the interior part of it in red, symbolises wisdom and bliss. The empty space within exposes the worship of the Lord in His formless state. The curtain is drawn during the daily rituals for the worship of the formless Lord, the realization of which is liberation or Mukti….a belief of worship…… the divine to the bareness of nothingness. So Chidambara Rahasyam is the journey from ignorance to wisdom and ultimately to liberation
Chidambaram is Akasha Ksehtra of the Pancha Bootha Kshetras. The Swami Akasha Linga is invisible and has to be visualised as th
e lord by his golden vilva Pathara.

        ஓம் நம சிவா….

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3 thoughts on “NATARAJA, The Dancing Lord!”

  1. SHIVA is the Purnahanta….
    Shakti with Sadashiva created the universe to glorify the divinity of supreme consciousness.
    Chidambaram is the manifestation of such supreme desire.
    Khemaraja before many thousand years has described the mystical evolution of human beings…. in Kashmir Shaivism texts…..
    Beautifully crafted.

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