Manduky Upanishad Karika – [Verses – 3 & 4]

Verses 3

बिश्वो हि स्थुलभुखनित्यं तैजसः प्रविविक्यभुक्

आनन्दक्तथा प्राज्ञश्त्रिधा भोगं निवोधत – । 3 ।

3 –‘Viswa’ always experiences the gross (objects), ‘Taijasa’ the subtle & ‘Prajna’ the blissful. Know these to be the three fold experiences.

Verses 4

स्थुलं तर्पयते विश्वं प्रविविक्तं तु तैजसम्

आनन्दश्च तथा प्राज्ञं त्रिधा तृप्तिं निबोघत – । 4 ।

4 – The gross satiates the ‘Viswa’, the subtle the ‘Taijasa’ & the blissful the ‘Prajna’. Know these to be the three fold satisfaction.


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