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Ω Spiritually Handling Insults

Turn the spotlight inward….
* Forgive until, Forgiven *

  • When Words Make You Speechless. It is Taking the Sting out…

Insulting Words ???

  • Ruminate in a healthy way….introspection is a valuable device for growth.
  • Instead of suppressing such incidents, let it surface.
  • Observe them, without getting stuck.
  • Whenever insults are thrown, (verbal attacks) it is ‘energy’ pushed.
  • It is not only to deflect the insult but to keep one’s own energy higher
  • Develop a Thicker Skin.. whatever has happened, minds still creating!

….There is NO ‘OFF’ switch to thoughts/feelings….
* So, if Handled quicker, the better.

  • DON’T TAKE THE INSULT PERSONALLY…do not let opinions ruin the You.
  • Words are energy and expresses itself.


True forgiveness is energy transformation.

Peter asked Jesus how many times one should be forgiven.

” 70 * 7 ” Jesus Replies…..

70 x 7.
* 7 represents physical completion – perfection on the physical level.
(forgive until, forgiven – until it no longer produces any feeling inside of you.)


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