Kirtan in Shiv Ranjani Raag

Banasur the demon had one thousand hand. One day when Lord Shiva was doing “Tandav Nritya”, Banasur played Mridanga by his thousand hands. Merciful Lord Shiva was so pleased with his service that he announced whenever Banasur will be into war Lord Shiva will take his side.  Mean while Usha the daughter of Banasur fell in love with  Krsna’s grand son Aniruddha. She brought Aniruddha to her palace by her mystic power. One day Banasur came to know to about it and he immediately caught Aniruddha. When Yadus  came to know about it , they declared a war against Banasur.  Lord Shiva came to rescue Banasur but Krsna restricted his effort and ultimately Yadus won the war and Usha married to Aniruddha.

Krsna and Lord Shiva both love Music, enjoy this one too 🙂

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