In one go

In one go God has put in the universe every thing that shall much more than suffice, for all times to come, to support and maintain life, wherever it appears in the universe. PROLIFERATION is the natural or divine attribute to life ; vital for its sustenance and evolution. From one word of HIM the life starts proliferating in millions and millions of ways. ‘ KEETA PASAO, EKO KAWAO. TIS TE HOAY LAKH DARIAO. ‘ — Guru Nanak in Japuji. One seed can produce thousands and thousands of its kind. One idea, one thought can lead to thousands more !!! Unchecked proliferation can be detrimental to progress or evolution of life. The divine puts the force of BALANCE to work and maintain balance. There are many ways the nature maintains the balance. The PROLIFERATION and BALANCE keep pace to maintain the flow of life. It is like the swaying pendulum which remains fixed to its central point while swaying to and fro. Let us have faith in nature’s wisdom and power that the life will not lose its central direction also ; for all times to come.

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