Double standards


बुरा जो देखन मैं चला बुरा ना मिलिया कोय ।
जब मन ढूँढा आपना तो मुझ से बुरा न कोय ।।

I like to borrow from from others. But dislike to lend
I remember what others owe me But forget what I owe to others
I want others to honor their commitments
But I ignore what I promise or commit
I do what I like
But don’t want others to follow me.

Backbiting is my favorite pastime
I spare neither friend nor foe
When I come across them in person
I shower false praises on them

I want others to observe punctuality
But fret and fume if they are late
I take my appointments lightly
But take pride in making others wait

My memory is very sharp to remember the good I do
It does not record my evil deeds
When I sit down to meditate
I find myself GOODNESS & VIRTUE personified.


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