Fire-place is the first place which a fire burns. LUST, GREED, ANGER, HATE are all fires and you know which place these will burn first. Have we ever seen a fire being put out by putting more firewood on it. The more is put on it the more it will ask for. None will be satisfied without CONTENTMENT. Let us learn contentment. Let it be a sign of strength and not weakness.

1 thought on “Contentment”

  1. loved your writings and perceptions about what is Contentment. I reached this stage of my Life about 10 years ago and the feeling one gets from this is enlightening! You can have all the money in the World, but if your not content, most don’t find the time to enjoy their Wealth. Some people reach Contentment early in life, some later in life, and some never do. You soon get sick of spending money and if your only objective is to get more, then you are not living a full life.

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