A stage of awakening

The world seems to have reached a stage of awakening, mental development, interdependence and understanding that domination and browbeating of one nation or group by the other is likely to become a thing of the past. Major powers keep making efforts to maintain a sort of equilibrium while guarding their strategic interests. The proliferation of nuclear weapons has added caution in dealings between nations. The trouble spots are likely to go on losing their damage potential. People to people contacts are increasing day by day.The feeling of being strangers to one another is vanishing. Notwithstanding its misuse, the social media is doing a great job in this regard.The future has lot many good things in store for the humanity. The where-with-all to find solutions to the scourge of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, diseases, lack of development and economic backwardness exists Let us keep positive our spirits and thoughts and encourage brotherhood, love and compassion.

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