? Hare krishna…..


?….Enchanting !!!?

Kastuurii-Tilakam Lalaatta-Pattale Vakssah-Sthale Kaustubham
Naasa-Agre Nava-Mauktikam Karatale Vennum Kare Kangkannam |
Sarva-Angge Haricandanam Sulalitam Kanntthe Ca Muktaavalim
Gopa-Strii Parivessttito Vijayate Gopaala Cuuddaamannih ||

..MAdhura-bhakti (Devotion through Love, pure Love).

*The fervent devotion to Krishna of milkmaids (Gopikas) of Brindavan, particularly of RadhA

 RadhA, the beloved of Krishna; ॐ  हरिः ॐ….

?spoke no word except prayer.,

?moved no step except towards Krishna,

?saw and heard only Krishna,

?spoke only of Him, to Him, for Him. Amazing !

* Vedanta states, a Brahma-jnAni has no karma, as they are fried seed that shall not sprout!
……The divine play so created by Him, His mAyA. “yogamAyAshrita”.
On that moonlit night, His melodious note on His flute, played in the woodlands adjoining the Yamuna, went all the way to the ears of the gopis and enraptured them. It pleasantly distracted every one and everything from normal activity and enchanted them to revel in ecstasy. Even shrubs and trees, flowers and leaves, birds and animals ‘stood enchanted’ with that rapturous divine musical rendering…
…No sooner the Gopis heard the music of His flute, captivated by the symphony of joy came from all sides….Some milking their cows, serving food to their husbands, doing Shringaar, cleaning their houses, — but all of them dropped their work just where it was and ran towards Krishna. The minds of the Gopis lured away by the music, they forgot themselves. Some of the gopis, remained home with eyes closed, meditating upon Him in pure love. For these gopis the intolerable separation from their beloved caused an intense agony that burned away all impious karma.
* By meditating upon Him they realized His embrace, and the ecstasy, then felt exhausted their material piety. Although Lord Krishna is the Supreme Soul, these girls simply thought of Him as their lover and associated with Him in that intimate mood. Thus their karmic bondage was nullified and they abandoned, as it were, their gross material bodies.
‘RAsa-panchAdhyAyi’. describe the Raas LeelA of Krishna with the Gopis of Brindavan.
The famous story of Krishna’s theft of the clothes of the Gopis while they were bathing in the river. (Bhagavatam, Ch.22). It is spoken of as immoral, insulting the modesty of women.

Read along the Description,  so beautifully explained by     

Dr. Annie Beasant;

‘The Gopis were Rishis, and the Lord Supreme as a babe is teaching them a lesson. But there is more than that. There is a profound occult lesson behind the story. When the Soul is approaching the Supreme Lord at one great stage of initiation, it has to pass through a great ordeal. Stripped of everything on which it has hitherto relied, stripped of everything that is not its inner self, deprived of all external aid, of all external protection, of all external covering, the soul itself, in its own inherent life, must stand naked and alone, with nothing to rely on save the life of the Self within it. If it flinches before the ordeal, if it clings to anything to which it has hitherto looked for help, if in the supreme hour, it cries out for friend or help, or even the Guru himself, the soul fails in that ordeal. Naked and alone it must go forth, with absolutely none to aid it save the divinity within itself. And it is that nakedness of the soul as it approaches the supreme goal, is told in the story’.
….Absolute TRUTH…..



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