✨ Spark… To ? ETERNAL…

Spark to eternal

A page to visit for contemplating the truth of our Being…interesting articles with video’s, illustrations on various spiritual topics.

Spark to eternal


wonderful Krishna consciousness group, experience ecstatic moments of the Lord’s divinity, diplomacy, Ideology of The Bhagwad Gita, lovely photos, videos Much more….

A spiritual group to understand the very existence, reality of this imaginary world. It is a general platform for all to view, post and read wonderfully equipped posts.

It is a great group to join for its concept is based on WE(us) , OUR ways of seeing, feeling, connecting with others. Simply stated…not ‘OTHER’S BUT WE’, ourselves.

*Come: eternal Sparks, be a part of all these groups, Unique in its objectives.
*Explore them with all your heart.
*Become our esteemed members, connect, project your views.


Spark to eternal

Understand Indian culture, it’s people and of course the innumerable,  countless Gods/goddess, demi God’s, the guru-shishya parampara…

  To your divine sparks

Enjoy the blogs, articles, photos and add up,  light up the whole universe with luv-Oneness.

………. Namaskaram


Master- disciple