Man & Woman…

Man & Woman…
Are they ever poles apart?
Or do they compose & comprise One World & One Humanity, sharing one equal footing on this earth ??
Yes, it is our mindset only which sets us as worlds apart!
Truth is, we each of us are made up of the blend of strength, valour, administration, control (masculine qualities) as much as love, compassion, care, sacrifice & justice (feminine qualities) and till there is a balance of these polarities, we can never ever evolve as complete individual entities & make for ourselves a balanced, cohesive society.
Can we, Can’t we do so by integrating in ourselves these male/female polarities & thereby successfully overcome gender inequality, in the deeper depth of our psyche??
This indeed is the call of true civility and in heeding to this call in letter & spirit only we can owe ourselves a foreseeable civilised society.
And hence, on this day of Women’s Day, as a tribute to the highly adorable Motherhood, and as a representative human being, I beg to make this sincere appeal:
Do not make it
A vertical split
Oh men & women!
Do not make it
A horizontal divide.
Do not see it as
Just black & white
Oh men & women!
Don’t make yourselves
Realms aside…
It is
Oh children
of God!
that keeps us alive…
Do not make it
A vertical split
Oh men & women!
Do not make it
A horizontal divide !!
Happy Women’s Day?
and friends,
Happy day of humanity.
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