there is a language,
one need not
mandatorily utter.

Far from man made
rules of life
and his grammar of living,
there is an order
which man & inanimate
naturally, equally,
silently adhere.

Be it the fragrance
of flower,
be it spring’s whisper…
be it the flicker of
the shining star,
be it the stream’s murmur…

There is a language,
one need not
necessarily pronounce,
one need not
mandatorily utter.

What at all is it?
Is it love’s language?
Or is it, as they say it,
God’s own whisper??

Do not just believe,
for someone says so.
Just touch your heart,
and feel that pulse.

The pulse
that resonates
in you & me,
and in everything,
in an ineffable,
eternal bout of love…

that you
need not
and of course,
that you
need not utter…

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